Interview with Michael Moulden

Leading Hand

Michael Moulden

Case Study

Name: Michael Moulden
Position: Leading Hand
Company: Carter Holt Harvey
Qualifications: Certificate in Forestry and Forest Products.
Age: 37

How would your describe your responsibilities?
A leading hand structures the shift on a day to day basis. I do that by organising and coaching my team members so they can do their job safely with a focus on quality and production.

What training have you been involved in?
Through on site training I’ve received a certificate in forestry and forest products, which took 12 months to complete. Carter Holt Harvey continually provides the opportunity for further training, so I’ve recently completed a team leadership course as well.

How did you arrive at the role that you are in today?
I arrived at Carter Holt Harvey starting on the floor in the production area, and from there worked my way up through several different roles on many rotations. The chance to apply for the leading hand position arose, and I grabbed it with both hands. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Ultimately I want to progress into more senior management positions and I am already making some transitional steps that will aid that process, such as becoming involved in training for front line management. 

Do you live close to work?
I live in Port McDonald, which my family and I chose because of the surf, the water and the fishing. We love that the kids can have an active and enjoyable lifestyle like the one we experienced growing up.
Traditionally in the countryside, not much has changed which allows my family and I to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. Moreover I have a great balance of living on the coast and only having to travel 30 minutes to work, which is perfect. 

Would you recommend working in the industry to others?
I would recommend my job to anybody who is looking for a challenge, direction and a sense of satisfaction and achievement. It’s clear that what we do is making a difference and helping to achieve a sustainable, renewable environment.
Please note: We spoke to Michael about his career and what he does day to day. We hope you find this useful and interesting – but please remember, that all jobs are not exactly the same and other roles with the same title may be different in many respects. You should confirm all the details of a particular job with the organisation offering it.